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What is Dandruff ?

Dandruff is a skin condition with visible flaking of scalp, often associated with itching



Increase number of organisms of Malassezia family (a group of fungus residing as part of normal skin on human body)


Aggravating factors

  •  Winter season

  •  UV radiation

  •  Hair cosmetics

  •  Oily hair and scalp



  • Males affected more than females

  • Begins in young adulthood and can continue till old age

  • White flaky skin on the scalp

  • With or without itching

  • White dots seen on hair and shoulders.

DANDRUFF: Tips for Managing

  • Follow the instructions on the dandruff shampoo bottle: There are many different dandruff shampoos, and each contains different active ingredients for controlling symptoms. To get the best results, always follow the instructions on the bottle.

  • Use shampoo alternate days and use dandruff shampoo twice a week: If using one dandruff shampoo does not bring relief, try alternating between dandruff shampoos with different active ingredients.


Myths v/s reality

  • Dandruff is not contagious,it doesn't spread by touching

  • Even daily cleansing with regular shampoo is not enough to control dandruff, you need medicated shampoo for the better results.

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