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Double Chin Treatment

What is Lipolytic Treatment ?

It is a non surgical injectable technique used in adults to improve the appearance and profile of moderate to severe fat below the chin (submental fat), also called “double chin.”

How does Lipolytic Treatment work ?

Deoxycholic acid is a bile acid, naturally produced by your body to help absorb fat. Lipolytic injections use a synthetic form of this as an injection. Once injected, the acid destroys fat cells beneath the chin area so it can’t store fat anymore.

Is Lipolytic  right treatment for me ?

Lipolytic treatment appeals to many as results are some what permanent. Its for​ submental area (under the chin).

How will i feel during Lipolytic Treatment ?

It is a short procedure and takes about 15 - 20 minutes. Before the procedure, the injection sites will be marked with a marker and a topical numbing agent is applied to ease any pain or discomfort. Usually 20 to 30 injections are used under the chin. The acid then works gradually to kill fat cells, which are metabolized by the body over the following weeks

What to expect after a Lipolytic Treatment ?

There might be some bruising and swelling which wears off by 24 hours.

Don't touch your skin where the Lipolytic was injected. 

What results should I expect ?

  • ​Reduced submental fat and loss of double chin

When will I see the Results ?

You may begin to notice results after 3 - 4 sittings in cases of mild to moderate form, in others it might take upto 6 sittings for the results to be apparent. Once the deoxycholic acid destroys fat cells in the submental area, the results should be lasting, and further treatment is not expected as the fat cells can no longer store fat.

What are the possible side effects ?

  • If carried out correctly, side effects are generally minimal – and some may not experience any at all.

  • However, occasionally some light swelling, bruising or redness around the area of injection might occur, although this shouldn’t last more than a week.

  • Rare side-effects can include  facial muscle weakness, uneven smile, trouble swallowing, or nerve injury in the jaw – if this happens you should seek medical attention immediately.

  • Any post-treatment discomfort should be discussed with your dermatologist.

  • However, the above side effects are super rare, especially when the procedure has been carried out by a dermatologist using the ideal dosage.

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