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Premature Ageing and their causes

We live in a physical world and are therefore attached to physical laws that include cell deterioration; however, we should all know that premature ageing is a process that can be prevented. Let’s take a closer look at the top five causes of this unwanted phenomenon.

It is natural for human beings to become concerned with the passing of time. Whether we like it or not, our bodies are bound to decay and eventually age. Some causes of this process are out of our hands; natural oxidation processes or genetic factors are variables we have little control over.

Nonetheless, there are a series of extrinsic factors that we are able to control if we have the will and the time to. Recent research suggests that these are the main causes of premature ageing:

Repetitive Facial Expressions

Some people begin to look haggard way before their time due to the habit of making faces. Whereas some faces may become a trademark, close attention should be paid to excessive frowning or repeated eyebrow lifting can result in fine lines that deepen once the skin loses its elasticity.

Alcohol Consumption

Few external agents can cause as much damage as alcohol. All body cells experience a major shrinking process when affected with alcohol. As for skin, this substance deteriorates the skin-protecting vitamin A in the body, which is an anti oxidant as well. Alcohol also contributes to the dilation of blood vessels, thus creating blotchy and uneven appearance on the human skin. The liver is greatly affected by alcohol, resulting in duller-looking skin and improper bodily function. Remember your liver is a vital organ whose proper functioning is evident in a healthful-looking complexion.


Another major enemy; smoking can accelerate premature ageing in a significant way, not only because of the toxic substances in a cigarette, but also because of the repeated facial movements involved in the smoking process. Major areas that are seriously affected include lungs, circulatory system, throat and mouth. In addition, skin deterioration is a telltale sign, as well. The area surrounding the lips for example, shrink and lose elasticity much more quickly than in non-smokers.

Poor Diets

One of the greatest causes of premature ageing involves eating habits that contain little or no antioxidants. The modern trend to eat highly processed foods and small amounts of natural fruits and vegetables has increased the rates of cell oxidation. Unhealthy -looking skin is a typical trait of this habit. On a deeper level, undernourished bodies are unable to produce the right amount of much-needed substances, such as collagen or melatonin, for instance. The better we eat, the more youthful we will look.

Sun Exposure

It is a well-known fact that solar rays can deeply damage the human skin. Even so, thousands of people still underestimate the sun’s power to negatively affect our skin. Recent research indicates that UV rays account for 80% of wrinkles, skin blotches and spots –visible signs of premature ageing. By taking the necessary precautions and using the appropriate SPF, solar damage can be kept under closer control.

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