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Anti Ageing Skin Care

This past decade has seen the rise of newer ways of providing for anti aging skin care alternatives. With the appearance of modern technological advances, more and more ways of dealing with skincare are being developed each day.

However, one thing must be said about all these developments; not everything you hear on the media concerning skincare treatments can be considered factual. Moreover, many cosmetic brands are so concerned with the business behind anti aging treatments, that most of the information we get is heavily biased. Is there a way to get useful and scientifically-proven anti aging skin care that you can trust?

There is. The wisest way of getting reliable, risk-free treatments is to turn to health professionals as they are the only ones who have been thoroughly trained to not only prevent aging, but to administer the different treatments, as well.

Why Anti-aging?

Cells age: that is a biological fact we cannot change. However, thanks to the latest scientific developments, we have been able to come up with ways of managing aging so that it does not affect our skin so dramatically. Here are some of the purposes of anti aging skin care products:

• Help to strengthen the depth of treatment.

• Repair previous skin damage.

• Delay the effects of natural aging

• Promote health and well-being

• Stimulate the growth of new skin cells

• Beautify and embellish complexion

Now that it has been made clear why we need anti-aging skin care treatments, we are ready to describe the types of treatments that are more efficient and further-reaching. Despite all the technology and the advertising, some cosmetic anti-aging skin care treatments fail to do their job because they have two main weaknesses: who and how.

Personalised is Best

One of the main challenges faced by the cosmetic world lies in the lack of personalisation when it comes to treatments. Although it is true that several skin types have been identified, generalisation is still an issue. Even within each skin type, there are different variants that must be treated accordingly. This is why only at a specialised dermatology clinic will you find this type of customisation. At our professional cosmetic dermatological practice, we offer a wide range of anti aging skin care products and treatments aimed at treating the different issues that may challenge your skin’s overall well-being.

This wide array of products are able to tackle the different needs concerning age-span and skin treatment needs.

Many patients tend to believe that anti aging skin care treatments are all about moisturising and preventing wrinkles. This misconception has led to many failed treatments, mainly because they target only one or two aspects.

An anti aging skin care line includes the following products:

• Cleanser: Even when proper skin cleaning is vital to preserving optimal skin health, not any type of product is fit for the job. A foaming cleanser that does not wash away your moisture cells is the best way to begin a treatment. Some popular products are too harsh on your complexion, thus prematurely damaging its structure.

• Serum and Day Cream: hydration is not something that happens overnight. This is why by means of two different products skin is moisturised in two powerful steps: whereas the serum fights free radicals in a lightweight, non-invasive way, the day cream fights the main causes of skin aging.

• Night Treatment: a classic among the wide range of anti aging skin care products, our anti-wrinkle night cream deals with deeper issues, such as lines, creases or discolouration while you are sleeping.

At Dr. Gauri's Skin & Hair Clinic we provide Anti Ageing Skin care counselling and treatment so if you feel that you are in dire need of it, give us a call or simple fill out the contact form and we will call you back.

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