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Tips for Winter Skin Care

Most people believe that skin care is something you should worry about only during the summer. After all, what could damage skin during the winter? This misconception however, could lead you to neglect skin care for months, thus triggering a series of ski conditions or skin-related issues that could be prevented with proper care.

Why it should Matter that much

If you are having a hard time trying to understand why skin care should become a priority in the winter, take a look at these facts:

Higher risk: To begin with, when the temperature drops and the cold season settles in, skin is bound to become flaky and itchy. The reason behind these symptoms is weather-related. December & January are the coldest and driest months in India, with low temperatures and very little humidity. These conditions contribute to skin dehydration considerably. In addition, households also resort to many heating methods that hinder skin hydration even further. This causes skin to lose its natural moisture, leaving skin cells exposed to exterior factors without their natural protection.

Dangerous Fashion: As if all this natural phenomena were not enough, we punish our skin by wearing irritating materials, such as wool, tweed, nylon or rayon. In short, fashion could eventually kill you (or your skin).

Winter Skin Care: What you should know

Having mentioned the main causes of skin damage, we will now turn to useful tips that will help you maintain skin health all year round. You should apply any good gardener’s principle when it comes to taking care of your skin: provide humidity and set the groundwork until spring comes along.

Sensible Heating

We all enjoy the feeling of living in a warm cozy atmosphere. Nonetheless, avoid overheating. After all, you should know that the higher the heating, the lower the humidity. This simple equation translates into drier, itchier skin.

Wear SPF all year round

Many people may find this hard to believe, but sun rays in the winter could be just as harmful as in the summer. Especially in higher areas, UV radiation gets worse, so make sure you are wearing the proper SPF for your skin type. In fact, even if it does not snow in most parts of India, you should always wear SPF or make up with SPF at all times.

Use Moisturisers Regularly

This is no breaking news; everybody will agree that skin calls for extra moisturizing during the winter months. Keep lotion in your bag or in your desk drawer at work and re apply every time you feel your skin needs it. Remember hands take the worst part, so that they need extra protection.

Choose Clothing

Since irritating materials can contribute greatly to causing skin damage, stay away from rough or itchy materials, or else wear 100% cotton underneath regular winter clothes.

Follow these tips and your skin will be able to enjoy this season looking and feeling health: get ready to say goodbye to itchy, flaky skin.

At Dr. Gauri's Skin & Hair Clinic we provide routine Skin care counselling and treatment so if you feel that you need assistance, give us a call or simple fill out the contact form and we will call you back.

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