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Do you travel frequently in flight?? Here's 1# skincare you might be ignoring

Travel through airplane can wreak havoc on your skin and for those with acne it can turn out to be a nightmare. The low humidity in the pressurized cabin can cause both dry skins to go drier and oily skin (The increase of oil is the way your skin compensates itself to try and establish a moist environment) to produce more oil bringing out your nemesis, ACNE. So regardless of, however, your skin type is flight travel causes an imbalance. Being a flyer who has oily skin myself, here are some of the tips which I follow when I take a flight. 1. HYDRATE YOURSELF 🥛: Drink plenty of water both preflight as well as during the flight to compensate for the water loss from the skin due to low humidity (Osmosis). 2. WET WIPES: Always carry it. 3. MOISTURIZER: Apply moisturizer both pre-flight and during flight. I suggest using a thick cream based moisturizer with sun protection (SPF 50). You will notice how fast the moisturizer gets adsorbed on your skin in the flight. If you are for a long haul, reapply moisturizer every 2 hours. This is the earliest way to keep skin from drying out. 4. LIP BALM: Don't ever forget to carry your lip balm. This not only helps to keep your lips moist but also nourishes it. 5. FACIAL OIL: You may even use a facial oil as an alternative to moisturizer only if you have dry skin. 6. SHEET MASKS: These are the last resort until and unless you are looking for some unwanted attention. If you do, use oil based sheet masks as they don't get dried up easily and helps maintain the face hydrated and supple. 7. HYDRATING MIST SPRAY: Avoid using hydrating mist spray during flight. Since water attracts water, when you spray your face, it takes water from the layers in the skin and it all gets evaporated into the dry air. (Remember that osmosis I told you about). Here is the combination of tricks and tips which might be handy for the next trip. Want to know more about your skin and skin care tips... Read my other blogs and do follow us on Facebook and Instagram. 👩‍⚕️ #skincare #skincaretips #airplane #acne #dryskin #oilyskin #humidity #hydration #moisturizer #sunscreen #spf #skinexpert #DrGauriPatil #GPskinclinic #skin #skindoc #dermatologist #skinclinic #skindoctor #dermatology #aesthetics #raipur #skinraipur #ExperiencetheDifference 

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