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Skin & Hair care tips at Swimming pool

Skin & hair care at swimming pool

With the summer at it's peak, spending time at swimming pool feels very relaxing - until you reach home and see yourself back at the mirror.

The word is CHLORINE. 

We all know it's used to kill the bacteria in pool and keep it hygienic but it also has a bleaching action which can damage your skin and hair equally over a period of time.  

How it does that ??? 

Simply by removing the necessary natural moisturizer and oils (essential for skin and hair to look it's best) and by a process called OXIDATION.

But we don't want our hair to go frizzy or skin to go dull.. or do we. So here are some tips to follow before you enter the pool next time

1. Prefer an outdoor pool : That way chlorine gas escapes into the air - thereby less chances for skin contamination. If you goto an indoor pool, make sure it's well ventilated.

2. Always shower before entering the pool. This reduces the chances of getting in direct contact with chlorinated pool water.

3. Apply heavy amount of natural hair oil such as coconut oil. This will act as barrier to direct contact with pool water.

4. Always wear the swim cap for the same reason. Prefer a siliconated cap for best protection.

5. Apply skin lotion for better protection. In case you are using an outdoor pool, wear lotion with sunscreen properties (Water resistant, SPF 50).

6. Stand under the shower for atleast 5 minutes after your swim. If you want you can apply mild shampoo to your hair and skin too.

7. As you step out, do apply skin moisturizer and moisturizing hair conditioner to prevent the dryness.

8. Home remedy in form of apple cider vinegar may also be used to remove chlorine and other chemicals from hair. 

  So... take a splash in your nearby pool and enjoy this summer with a hydrating drink.🍹

Want to know more about your skin and skin care tips.... Read my other blogs and do follow us on Facebook and Instagram. 👩‍⚕️

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