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Take Care of your Skin this HOLI !!!

Children in Gulaal n Holi colours

Holi is just round the corner and everybody is in festive mood. While playing with colours can be fun; it can really play havoc on the skin. So before you get into the madness of colours, water balloons, gulaal and bhang, these are few simple tips which can help keep your skin looking less colourful and feeling less irritated. 

Pre Holi Skin Care Tips:

  1. Apply lots n lots of coconut or mustard oil on the face, ears, neck, arms and legs (Don't Forget the Back !!!) at least an hour before; this will make it easy to wash off the colours and also chemicals get more easily absorbed in dry skin.

  2. For those with sensitive scalp, dilute n rub a bit of lemon juice to prevent irritation.

  3. Combination of Colours and Sunlight is disastrous. So if you don't want to get sunburned apply sunscreen with SPF 26 or more and reapply it if you stay exposed for more than 3 hours. (Go for a waterproof gel based Sunscreen for better protection).

  4. Drink lots n lots of water before stepping out and also after you are done with the festivities. Chemicals in the colours can dehydrate your skin.

  5. Trim your toe and finger nails and use a deep bright shade of colour to your nails if you want to protect them...

  6. Take out your pair of old sunglasses to protect your eyes. This way, you look fashionable too!!!

  7. Warm up a little bit of petroleum jelly and rub onto teeth to ward off any colour stains.

  8. Ladies please avoid to wax or thread your face, arms or legs for 2-3 days before Holi, you don't want to get rashes due to colours.

Post-Holi Skin and Hair care Tips:

1. Just simply stand under running water or shower to wash off superficial colours and gulaal from your skin.

2. Use a liquid soap and apply it gently all over the body. No need to Scrub hard.

3. For tough colours, opt for home remedies such as

Applying lemon juice directly on to your skin; curd and sandalwood mixture is great; and you can also make a turmeric and white flour paste, keep it on for 15-20 mins, and then wash it away with non-boiled milk. This mixture can be applied on all areas with colour after making it bit wet with plain water.

4. To clean your face, mashed, ripe papaya can applied. Alternatively you can use olive oil on cotton to remove the Holi colour. 

5. To take off colour from Lips, make a paste with a few rose petals, malai and honey and apply; this won't only take the colour off but give you full, red lips.

6. You can also apply homemade granular scrub on the body and face to get rid of the colours thoroughly.

7. Do not bleach, shave, wax or go for facials or clean ups for few weeks.

8. Do not use any kind of solvent such as kerosene, Petrol and Spirits to remove the stains as that can dry up your skin.

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