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What is Vampire FaceLift ?

Haven’t You Heard of “The Vampire FaceLift”

If you have not heard of the Vampire FaceLift yet, class is now in session.

The Vampire FaceLift – What is PRP?

To understand the Vampire FaceLift, we must first take a look at the base science of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). This substance is derived naturally from your own blood using a special centrifuge. Without getting too much complicated; Vampire Facelift is an anti-aging reaction created within a concentrated area inside the body.

So in layman terms: The platelets are an important part of you with extreme healing properties. When they are centrifuged, processed, and extracted, they become the perfect micro-healers working constantly behind the scenes, in this case, concentrated intradermally in the face.

Basically the purpose of the procedure is to put billions of platelets to work on the collagen building process. This reaction builds the framework so that a cell called fibroblast responsible for forming collagen can start the collagen restoration process.

We lose 1% of collagen each year, giving us a tired, less smooth looking appearance. Our body does not build collagen on its own, it has to be tricked into thinking it has been injured to start the entire process. The results can start as soon as the next morning but typically the collagen restoration process takes anywhere from 8 weeks to 6 months to see full results.

It is recommended that the procedure be repeated once every year to keep a youthful appearance. This way you can stop the aging process, and build a cumulative anti-aging effect within the facial tissue.

Does it Hurt?

If you watch any reality TV, or have done some research on Vampire FaceLift you have undoubtedly seen Kim Kardashians face splattered with red blood cells. This is not reality, the real procedure does not use the serum (red) portion of the blood so there should be no red at all.

There is very minimal bruising if any at all, a slightly rosy appearance is about the most noticeable after effect. You could safely go to work or out to dinner right after this procedure if you absolutely had to.

You will not feel the needles during the actual injections, but the plasma has a dull sting once inside the target area. Let me explain with a common example. When you fall and scrape your knee, the scrape has a burning sensation, as well as a yellow plasma inside and around the scrape. Most people believe the scrape itself is the culprit of the burning sensation; when it is actually the plasma that has rushed to the area to start the healing process. This natural reaction of plasma (filled with millions of platelets) is the target reaction we are creating when injecting PRP into the intradermal layers of facial tissue.

How long is the procedure?

About an hour per session

For more information on Vampire Facelift contact Dr. Gauri Patil at 702-464-3430 or visit

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