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Skin Peels
What is a Skin Peel ?

Skin peel or derma-peeling, uses a chemical on the face that makes the skin peel off allowing new skin to replace it. The new, regenerated skin is usually smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin.

How does a Skin Peel work ?

All peels work by gently rubbing the skin with a non-toxic chemical solution to remove the unwanted top layer. This encourages collagen production and cell renewal, to reveal an age-defying healthier, younger-looking you.

Treatment is pain-free, though some peels can lead to light swelling of the affected area or peeling of the skin for a few days after the procedure. A trained dermatologist can give you the advice you need on the right type of peel for you, devising a tailored treatment plan to achieve optimum results.

Is a Skin Peel Right Treatment for me ?

Skin peels can be used to treat a whole range of skin complaints

  • Acne (some types).

  • Age spots.

  • Discoloration (blotchy complexion, uneven skin tone).

  • Dull complexion.

  • Fine lines (especially under the eyes and around the mouth).

  • Freckles.

  • Melasma.

  • Rough-feeling skin.

  • Sun-damage skin.

This treatment is ideal if you are looking to quite literally give your skin a fresh start.

How will i feel during Skin Peel Treatment ?
  • Before getting a chemical peel, patients need to follow a pre-peel skin care plan prepared by dermatologist to improve results and reduce potential side effects. 

  • On the day of your peel, you will first be prepped. This includes cleansing your skin thoroughly. After you are prepped, dermatologist will apply the peel quickly and evenly. After watching your skin carefully, peel will be removed at just the right time.

  • After the peel comes off, your skin will be treated with a lotion or cream to soothe the skin.

What to expect after a chemical peel ?

Skin will be red which disappears within 24-48 hrs.

What results should i expect ?

  • Reduced blotchy patches that make the complexion dull and discoloured

  • Elimination of sun damage including fine lines, wrinkles and spots

  • Improvement in acne, reduced inflammation and scarring

  • Reduced pigmentation and evens out skin tone

  • Stimulated collagen production for plumper, softer skin

  • Removal of dead skin cells

  • Fresher, younger and with a silky smooth texture.

When will I see the Results ?

Once your skin heals, you will see the results. To achieve maximum results, we recommend a course of between 2-4 chemical peel treatments depending on your skin type, tone and condition

What are the possible side effects ?

In the hands of a dermatologist who has experience with chemical peels, side effects tend to be mild. Some patients develop:

  • Persistent redness that may last for months.

  • Temporary darkening of the skin.


Serious side effects occur, if the patient did not follow the dermatologist’s instructions. Your risk for developing an infection or scarring increase dramatically if you: 

  • Fail to protect your skin from the sun. 

  • Scratch the treated skin or pick off a scab.

  • Apply makeup before your skin heals.

  • Don’t heed your dermatologist’s advice.

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